Gunn Connection - Oct. 6, 2017

莫名    10/09     1950    


Section 0 George C
Fri, Oct 6
NO SCHOOL - Staff Development Day
Sun, Oct 8
Junior Parent Network Potluck/Social, 4 PM, Greenmeadow Community Rm
Mon-Fri, Oct 9-13
Alternate Schedule, see Calendar
Mon, Oct 9
Site Council, 4 PM, Staff Lounge
Palo Alto College Fair, 6:30 PM, Peery Athletic Center, Palo Alto HS
Wed, Oct 11
PSAT/Grade level assemblies, 12 PM Dismissal
Thu, Oct 12
PTSA Meeting, 6:30 PM, Staff Lounge
Fri, Oct 13
Sophomore Parents Network, 8 AM, Staff Lounge
Football, 4 PM JV, 7 PM Varsity, Athletic Field
Mon-Sat, Oct 16-21
Homecoming Week (see Schedule & Events for more information):
- Wed: Float Stuffing, 3 PM
- Thu: Float Stuffing, 3:30 PM
- Thu: Homecoming BBQ, 6 PM
- Thu: Night Rally, 8 PM
- Fri: Football, 4:30 PM JV, 7 PM Varsity, Athletic Field
- Sat: Homecoming Dance, 7:30 PM, Bow Gym
Wed, Oct 18
Freshman Parents Network, 6:30 PM, Staff Lounge
Fri, Oct 20
Senior Parents Network, 8:15 AM, Staff Lounge

106日星期五 学校无课 - 员工发展日

108日星期日11年级家长联络Potluck / Social 社交活动,4 PMGreen-meadow社区会议室

109日至13日星期一至星期五 备用时间表,请参阅日历  Calendar

109日星期一  理事会,下午4点,职员休息室

                           帕洛阿尔托学院博览会,下午6:30Peery Athletic Center 培训中心, Palo Alto高中

1011 星期三  PSAT /各个年级组合,12 PM放学

1012日星期四   PTSA会议,6:30 PM,职员休息室

1013日星期五   10年级父母联络会议,上午8时,职员休息室

                              美式橄榄球比赛,下午4 JV队,下午7 Varsity队,体育场

1016日至21日星期一至星期六 返校周(详见附表和活动):

- 星期三:制作浮雕展牌 3 PM

- 星期四:制作浮雕展牌,3:30 PM

- 星期四:返校周烧烤,下午6

- 星期四: 返校周夜间集会,晚上8

- 星期五:美式橄榄球比赛,下午430 JV队,下午7 Varsity队,体育场

- 星期六:返校周舞会,下午7:30BOW健身房

1018 星期三  9年级新生父母联络会议,6:30 PM,职员休息室

1020日星期五  12 年级家长联络会议,上午8:15,职员休息室


 Kelly Section1

Junior Parent Network Potluck/Social

Sun, Oct 8, 4-6 PM, Greenmeadow Community Room, 303 Parkside Dr, Palo Alto

Class of 2019 Parents, please join us this Sunday, October 8, from 4 to 6 PM to chat and enjoy some relaxing jazz music. BYO ("Bring your own") beverages and food to share. RSVP here. Contact or with questions.



周日,10月8日,下午4-6点,Greenmeadow Community房间,303 Parkside Dr. Palo Alto

十一年级的家长,请在10月8日星期日下午4点至6点加入我们的交流会吧。来认识其他家长,聊天并享受一些轻松的爵士乐。 请带上自己的饮料和食物与大家分享。在这里报名参加。如果有问题请联系 或

(*Potluck = 派对餐会/大家都会带上自家的食物和大家分享)

Palo Alto College Fair & Financial Aid Workshop

Mon, Oct 9, 6:30-8:30 PM, Peery Athletic Center Gymnasium, Palo Alto High School, 50 Embarcadero Rd, Palo Alto*

Meet 125 representatives from private California colleges and universities as well as out-of-state public and private institutions. This is a great opportunity for seniors, juniors and parents to meet college representatives, receive general information and answers to specific college questions. Click here for tips on "making the most of a college fair - how to prepare and what to do while there" and for a list of participating colleges. A Financial Aid Workshop will be presented by Carl Gottbrecht of Stanford University at 7:30 PM in the Dance Studio.

*Parking will be limited, so please walk, bike, or carpool to the event. Thank you!

Palo Alto 大学展览会与家庭经济支援活动

星期一,10月9日,6:30-8:30,Palo Alto高中的Peery体育馆(50 Embarcadero路, Palo Alto)

来见见从125所加州内私立与公立大学与其他州的各种大学来到Palo Alto的代表们吧。这是一个让十二年级和十一年级学生了解不同大学的好机会。大学代表们会帮助学生们了解各个大学并且回答学生们提出的疑问。在这里可以找到“大学展览会指南:如何准备?该做什么?” 和一个将参加展览会的大学名单。家庭经济志愿活动将会在晚上7:30,舞蹈室举行。演讲者是斯坦福大学的Carl Gottbrecht。



Katie Section2

Wellness Booth at the Palo Alto College Fair

Mon, Oct 9, 6:30-8:30 PM, Peery Athletic Center Gymnasium, Palo Alto High School, 50 Embarcadero Rd, Palo Alto

Attention College Fair Attendees: The Gunn-Paly Wellness Collaborative will host a Wellness Booth at the College Fair for the second year in a row. The Wellness Booth is dedicated to helping students and their families de-stress the college application process. We will be providing materials and resources encouraging a more balanced and informed approach to post-high school opportunities. Take-away resources will cover topics including finding one's passion, thoughtful college selection, consideration of gap year opportunities and other work/study possibilities, and effective techniques for de-stressing and relaxing. The Wellness Booth will be located at the entrance of the Peery Athletic Gym. Please stop by on your way into the College Fair to pick up our informative handouts and booklist, browse our reference books, and enjoy some healthy light refreshments. The Gunn-Paly Wellness Collaborative and the Wellness Booth at the College Fair are joint ventures of the PTSAs and Wellness Centers of Gunn High School and Palo Alto High School.

Palo Alto大学展览会的健康展台


地址: Peery Athletic Center Gymnasium, Palo Alto High School, 50 Embarcadero Rd, Palo Alto


SELF for 10th-12th Graders

We're very excited to announce the arrival of opt-in Social Emotional Literacy and Functionality (SELF) sessions for 10th through 12th graders. Lessons will include Introduction to Social Emotional Learning (SEL), The Teenage Brain, and The Power of Thought. Interested students should sign up at for a three week session, which will take place during three consecutive Thursday Flex periods (students may opt for either the 10/19, 10/26 and 11/2 session, or the 11/2, 11/9 and 11/16 session). If you have any questions, please contact the SEL TOSAs, Courtney Carlomagno ( or Tara Firenzi (



我们很高兴的告诉大家我们将会为10-12年级的学生们开放SELF课程。是否参与课程由自己决定。课程将会教授大家有关于社交情绪,青少年的大脑,以及思维的力量,这三方面的信息。有兴趣的同学可以在这里报名。课程时间为三个星期,要连续三周在每周四上午的自习时间来参加课程。(可以报名10/19,10/26,11/2这三节课的,或者也可以考虑参加11/2,11/9,11/16的课程)如果您有更多的问题请联系Courtney Carlomagno, 或者是Tara Firenzi,


"What is Homecoming?"

Homecoming is the week of October 16! If you didn't grow up with the tradition of Homecoming, please read this article to learn all about it:[English] [普通] [Español]

Homecoming指的是10月16日的那一周!如果你没有与Homecoming周的传统长大,请读这篇文章了解所有:[English] [普通] [Español]


Gunn Pedaling for Prizes

830 students bicycled to Gunn on Wednesday (10/4), helping reduce school commute auto congestion and emissions and enjoying a bike ride with friends on a beautiful day! They were greeted by Pedaling for Prizes volunteers with chocolate treats and a chance to win a Jamba Juice gift card. Go to for walking and bicycling route maps, safety tips, carpooling and bus information. Congratulations Pedaling for Prizes winners and thank you volunteers! Bike commuters, look for volunteers on random mornings for your chance to win. Bicycling to Gunn is fun and offers sweet rewards!

星期三(10/4),有830名学生骑自行车到Gunn,有效的帮助减少了学校上下班车辆拥挤和排放,并在美好的一天与朋友骑自行车!他们被Pedal for Prizes志愿者迎接并拿到了巧克力。学生也有机会赢得Jamba Juice礼品卡。去了解更多关于步行和骑自行车路线图,安全提示,拼车和巴士信息。祝贺恭喜奖得主,谢谢志愿者!骑自行车的乘客,多加注意寻找志愿者,为您赢得机会。骑自行车到Gunn很有趣,并会给你提供甜蜜的回报!



Section4 Linda

Homecoming BBQ for Gunn Students and Parents


Thu, Oct 19, 6-7:30 PM, between Titan Gym & Pool House

星期四,10月19日,6-7:30,Titan Gym&Pool House之间

Tickets are $5 a plate (choice of hamburger, hot dog, or garden burger, potato salad, chips, brownies and drink) and $7 the night of the event. Student and parent tickets can be purchased at the SAC prior to the event or at the entrance on the 19th.


     Calling All Parent Volunteers: We need parent volunteers to help grill, assist with preparation, set-up and serving of the meal. We are also requesting parents to donate pans of brownies, platters of tomatoes, lettuce and onions prepared and delivered to the event by 5 PM. If you are available to volunteer the evening of the event, please sign up here. Thanks for supporting the Gunn community and please email questions to Mary Catherine Williams at

    呼吁所有家长志愿者:我们需要父母志愿者帮助烧烤,协助准备,安排和服务。我们还要求父母在下午5点之前捐赠一些布朗尼饼,西红柿盘,莴苣和洋葱,并交付给活动。如果您可以在活动的晚上自愿参加活动,请在这里注册。感谢您支持Gunn社区,并通过wemcw@mindspring.com向Mary Catherine Williams发送电子邮件问题。

Meet and Greet for Families of Students with IEPs


Fri, Oct 20, 11:00 AM-12:30 PM, Staff Lounge

周五,10月20日上午11点 - 下午12点30分,职员休息室

Do you have questions about supporting your student's progress and success at school? Do you want to know more about the emotional and academic supports, and accommodations available at Gunn for students with challenges? Are you wondering how Gunn supports all kinds of learners? Do you have questions about building your student's transition plan, living skills, self-advocacy and independence? Please join us if you have a student with an IEP, are interested in meeting other parents and learning about resources for Gunn students. We will be joined by Teri Lee, Instructional Supervisor for Special Education, and Tara Keith, Asst. Principal for Special Education, between 11 AM-12 noon. Then stay to speak with other parents and your PTSA Special Education/Inclusion Representatives, Kimberly Eng Lee, Bin He and Grace Downer. Please RSVP to for Spanish or Mandarin translation.

你有什么问题要支持学生在学校的进步和成功吗?您想了解更多有关情绪和学术支持的知识,以及Gunn为有挑战的学生提供的住宿?你想知道Gunn如何支持各种学习者?你有兴趣建立学生的过渡计划,生活技能,自我宣传和独立性吗?如果您有IEP的学生,有兴趣会见其他家长并了解Gunn学生的资源,请加入我们。我们将加入特立教育教学主任李丽,以及Asst的塔拉基思。特殊教育校长,中午11时至中午12时。然后与其他家长和PTSA特殊教育/包容性代表,Kimberly Eng Lee,Bin He和Grace Downer等人交谈。请回复kimberlyenglee@gmail.com以获得西班牙语或汉语翻译。

Section5 Caroline2020

The Titan Broadcast Network

Titan 电视台

Want to see what's going on daily at Gunn? Watch the Titan Broadcast Network (TBN) live five-minute TV broadcast from 8:25 AM Mondaythrough Friday. There are three ways to access it:

It's a fun way to know about many of the activities that are going on daily at Gunn. It's aired live in the students' classrooms.




Gunn Athleticsunn titans

Gunn 运动队

Thank You!


We did not have any athletes that made Athlete of the Week or Honorable mention this week, so we are going to thank the parents/families who supported Gunn Sports Boosters with name plates to be placed on the Donor Appreciation Wall in our new gym:

我们本周没有获选“本周运动员”或者要表彰的运动员,所以我们要感谢支持Gunn Sports Boosters的家长/家庭,在我们的新健身房内的捐助者感恩墙上,有这些家长/家庭的名字:

The Wiederholds

The Boccio Family

Sam Schube 2021

The Missett Family

Verhulp Family

Sam Schube 2021
Verhulp 家庭



Coming Soon: Gunn Sports Store

Gunn Sports Boosters is getting ready to set up a store front to order Gunn Swag. You will be able to order the swag and have it sent to your home and a portion of your purchase will go to the general fund for Gunn Sports Boosters which BENEFITS ALL TEAMS. We are looking for a student who wants volunteer credit to help us select items that students would want to buy. PALY has an awesome store and their logo wear sells out and the students wear it on campus. So let's show PALY we have the same school spirit!

即将推出:Gunn Sports Store

Gunn Sports Boosters正准备建立一个店面,以订购Gunn Swag。 您将能够订购物品,并将其 快递到您的家庭,部分购买将用于Gunn Sports Boosters的普通基金,这将有利于所有TEAMS 。 我们正在寻找一个想要志愿者信用的学生帮助我们选择学生想要购买的项目。 PALY有一个 很棒的商店,他们的标志穿着出售,学生们在校园里穿。 所以让我们来告诉PALY我们有同样 的学校精神!


PiE Rally Days - Challenge Grant

Until Mon, Oct 16

Generous PiE supporters have offered a brand new Challenge Grant to PiE. Please donate or make a pledge by October 16 at, and we can give an additional $235,000 to PAUSD students. Every gift counts. Gifts and pledges made by October 16will be matched by a $235,000 Rally Days Challenge Grant. This is the final Challenge Grant for the year. So please join PiE in supporting our children. If you have already given or pledged, thank you so much. If not, now is a great time to make your impact.

PiE 集会节日 - 捐款挑战


非常慷慨的 PiE 支持者给了 PiE 一个新的捐款挑战。 请在十月十六号之前在捐赠,而我们将可以给 PAUSD 学生额外 $235,000。这是今年最后的捐款挑战, 所以请跟着 PiE 一起支持我们的孩子。 如果您已经捐赠了, 谢谢您。 如果您没有的话,现在是一个美好的时光来给 PiE 捐赠。


Movie & Discussion for Families - The Big Picture: Rethinking Dyslexia 

Tue, Oct 17, 6:30-8 PM, Palo Alto High School, Haymarket Theater, 50 Embarcadero Rd, Palo Alto 

October is Dyslexia Awareness Month ( Join us for this new eye-opening movie: a dyslexic high schooler pursues admission to a leading college - a challenge for a child who didn't learn to read until 4th grade. Additional accounts of the dyslexic experience from children, experts, and iconic leaders at the top of their fields help us to understand that dyslexia, a persistent problem with reading, can be both a gift and an obstacle. Discussion and Q&A following the film. Students and teachers are welcome to attend. Co-sponsored by Palo Alto CAC and PTAC. For questions contact


星期二,十月十七號,下午六點三十到八點鐘,Palo Alto高中,Haymarket劇院,50 Embarcadero Rd, Palo Alto

十月是閱讀障礙意識月(。清跟我們看這片新開眼電影:誦讀困難的高中生追求進入一所領先的大學-一個沒有學習閱讀到四年級的孩子的挑戰 。來自兒童,專家和領域頂級的標誌性領導者的閱讀障礙經驗的其他說明有助於我們了解閱讀障礙是閱讀的一個長期問題,既可以是一種禮物也是障礙。討論和問答電影后。歡迎學生和老師來參加。共同贊助Palo Alto CAC和PTAC。有問題清聯繫

The Raising of America: Early Childhood and the Future of Our Nation

Tue, Oct 17, 6.30-8.30 PM, PAUSD Boardroom, 25 Churchill Ave, Palo Alto

Join us for the screening of "The Raising of America: Early Childhood and the Future of Our Nation" Kim Kruckel, Executive Director of the Child Care Law Center based in San Francisco, and a leader in early childhood education will moderate the discussion and questions following the film. You can watch the 11-minute trailer at Light refreshments will be served at 6:30 and the program begins at 7:00. Co-sponsored by the PTA Council, the League of Women Voters, AAWU and Congregation Beth Am. For questions or more information, contact Sigrid Pinsky,


星期二,十月十七號,下午六點三十到八點三十鐘,PAUSD會議室,25 Churchill Ave, Palo Alto

歡迎您來參加我們以篩選「美國的提升:幼兒與我們國家的未來」,Kim Kruckel,總部設在舊金山的幼兒中心執行主任,幼兒教育的領導者將會緩和電影的討論和問題。您可以看個十一分鐘的預告片在:。小時差點將在六點三十分供應,節目七點鐘開始。共同贊助PTA Council, the League of Women Voters, AAWU, 和Congregation Beth Am。如果您有問題,清聯繫Sigrid Pinsky,

Section8 George C

**NEW** Unity Day 2017 - When We Stand Together, No One Stands Alone

Wed, Oct 25, all PAUSD schools

PAUSD will celebrate the 5th Annual Unity Day to show that our community is united against bullying, and promotes kindness towards all students. Each school will participate in its own way, so find out what your school is doing. Also, join in sending a message that we are united for kindness, acceptance and inclusion by WEARING ORANGE to show your support!

**新** 2017年团结日 - 当我们站在一起时,没有人再孤独

Empathy is the App: Raising Thoughtful Kids in the Digital Age

Wed, Nov 8, 7-8:30 PM, Performing Arts Center, Palo Alto High School, 50 Embarcadero Rd, Palo Alto

The 2017-18 Palo Alto Parent Education Parents Series kicks off with nationally acclaimed author of "Screenwise" and TED Talk "Raising a Digital Native," Dr. Devorah Heitner. Parents worry their teens are addicted, detached or distracted because of digital devices. According to Heitner, our concern should go far beyond what kids are doing today. Tech-savvy Digital Natives need mentorship to thrive, develop social skills and succeed in a future where they will likely find a job, meet their spouse and build their reputations online. Parents, students, faculty/staff and community members welcome! Spanish/Mandarin interpretation will be available. Free admission. Tickets available beginning October 8 (via

星期三,11月8日,7-8:30,Palo Alto Embarcadero路50号Palo Alto高中表演艺术中心
2017-18年“帕洛阿托父母教育家长系列”开创了“Screenwise”和TED Talk (国家知名作家Devorah Heitner博士)。父母担心他们的青少年因数字设备而上瘾或分心。据Heitner介绍,我们的关注应该远远超出了今天孩子们在做什么。技术精湛的数字生活需要指导孩子们茁壮成长,发展社会技能,并在将来找到工作,遇见配偶和在线建立声誉,在未来取得成功。欢迎家长,学生,教职员工和社区成员参加!将提供西班牙语/普通话口译服务。免费入场。从10月8日开始的门票。




City of Palo Alto Costume Swap

Sun, Oct 8, 1-3 PM, Cubberley Community Center, 4000 Middlefield Rd, Palo Alto

Are you ready for Halloween? Attend the Halloween Scare/Share Faire to share goods, ideas, ghost stories, and a costume swap. Bring your gently used Halloween costumes, decorations, goodie bags and other holiday items to trade with your neighbors. 

Palo Alto服装互换

星期天 10/8 下午一点到三点钟,Cubberley Community Center, 4000 Middlefield Rd, Palo Alto

你准备好万圣节了吗?参与 Halloween Scare/Share Faire,可以分享商品,想法,鬼故事和服装互换。带上你用过的万圣节服装,装饰品,好运包以及其他的假期物品与您的邻居交易。

The Ohlone Harvest Festival Needs Volunteers

Sat, Oct 14, 12-4 PM, Ohlone Elementary School, 950 Amarillo Ave, Palo Alto

Gunn students: earn community service hours by volunteering at the Ohlone Elementary School Harvest Festival! It's a fun day of games, food & music, and a fundraiser for the Ohlone Farm, our outdoor classroom. We need support anywhere from noon to 4 PM. Please contact: Leena at

The Ohlone Harvest Festival需要志愿者

星期六 10/14 下午12点到4点,Ohlone Elementary School, 950 Amarillo Ave, Palo Alto

Gunn同学们:你们可以通过在Ohlone小学的harvest Festiva累计社区服务小时!活动一天包括好玩的游戏,美食和音乐,和一个Ohlone农场的筹款活动,我们的室外教室。我们需要从中午到下午4点的支持。请联系 Leena 的email:

Romance of Risk: Helping Teens Stay Safe (Middle/High School)

Tue, Oct 17, 6:30-8:30 PM, Parents Place, 200 Channing Ave, Palo Alto

Participants discuss roadblocks to communicating with teens on critical topics such as smoking, drinking, sexual behavior, and drug use. Learn effective strategies for how to listen and support teens to make responsible decisions regarding risky behaviors. With Susan Stone, BSE. Fee: $45. Register


星期二10/17 晚上6:30-8:30,Parents Place, 200 Channing Ave, Palo Alto

参与者会讨论与青少年在吸烟,饮酒,性行为和吸毒等关键话题。了解一些有效策略可以帮助你更好的倾听和支持青少年以及做出负责任的决策关于风险行为。与Susan Stone, BSE. 费用:$45. Register


Section10 george C

Paly Cheer Fundraiser: Order your Holiday Pies

Fri, Oct 20 (order deadline), Tues, Nov 7, 3:30-5:45 PM (pie pick-up at Paly)

Enjoy delicious farm fresh pies while supporting your Cheer and Dance teams! Apple, Two Berry, and Pumpkin Pies are available. They are flash-frozen from Gidzich Farms in Watsonville and are simply scrumptious!  Get all the details at:

Paly Cheer Fundraiser:订购您的假期馅饼
周五,10月20日(订单截止日期),周二,11月7日,3:30-5:45 PM(在Paly 取 新鲜馅饼)

Connected or Disconnected: Technology and Your Family (Middle/High School)

Thu, Oct 26, 6:30-8:30 PM, Parents Place, 200 Channing Ave, Palo Alto

Join us for a compelling conversation about families and screen time. Explore the advantages and drawbacks for our digital natives, recognize the top signs of screen addiction, and discuss as a family the realities and challenges of your own digital use. With Havi Hall Fee: $45. Register

星期四,10月26日,6:30-8:30 PM,Parents Place父母广场,200 Channing Ave, Palo Alto

Festival of Lights: A Diwali Celebration

Sun, Oct 29, 12-5 PM, Rinconada Library Embarcadero Room, 1213 Newell Rd, Palo Alto

Come celebrate Diwali at the Palo Alto City Library! We'll have music, dancing, henna, crafts and lots more for the whole family to enjoy. Join us as we celebrate the cultures of our community. Diwali is the Hindu festival of lights celebrated every autumn in the northern hemisphere. This free event features a variety of performances and activities that reflect the celebration. 

周日,10月29日下午12点至5点,Rinconada图书馆Embarcadero室,1213 Newell Rd,Palo Alto


Project Cornerstone: For Parents and Caregivers

Mon, Oct 30, 8:05-9:35 AM, Hoover Elementary, 445 E Charleston Rd, Palo Alto

The Palo Alto Unified School District is offering a free series of parent meetings open to all parents and caregivers. Join Project Cornerstone's engaging workshop, Take It Personally, starting Monday, October 30, from 8:05 to 9:35 AM at Hoover Elementary School. You do not need to be a parent from Hoover, just an adult who cares about all kids.


City of Palo Alto International Games Day

Thu, Nov 2, 4-6 PM, Mitchell Park Community Center, Teen Center & El Palo Alto Room, 3700 Middlefield Rd, Palo Alto

Play or compete with others on console game systems, Ping-Pong tables, air hockey, pool, card games, board games, mini golf and more! Grades 6-12.

Foreign Exchange Programs for Gunn Students

Is your student interested in studying abroad? Is your family interested in hosting a foreign exchange student? AFS is the largest student exchange organization in the U.S., with about 1,000 U.S .high school students currently studying abroad, and 2,200 foreign exchange students studying in the U.S. this year (31 in the Bay Area). Currently AFS has 1 student at Paly, and typically hosts 1 or 2 students at Gunn. Study abroad is a great way for your student to learn a culture, language, and to mature. Hosting a student builds bonds that can last a lifetime. Learn more at


周一,10月30日,8:05-9:35,胡佛小学,445 E Charleston Rd, Palo Alto

帕洛阿尔托联合学区正在为所有家长和监护人提供一系列免费的家长会议。 亲自去加入项目基石的参与研讨会。从10月30日星期一起,在胡佛小学8:05至9:35。 你不需要是胡佛学生的家长,只需要是一个关心所有孩子的成年人。


星期四,11月2日,下午4-6点,米切尔公园社区中心,青少年中心和El Palo Alto房间,3700 Middlefield Rd,Palo Alto

有乒乓球台,空中曲棍球,游泳池,纸牌游戏,棋盘游戏,迷你高尔夫等等,参与游戏或与其他玩家竞争。 供6-12年级。


你的学生有兴趣留学吗? 你的家人有兴趣接待外国学生吗? AFS是美国最大的学生交流组织,目前约有一千名在校留学生的美国留学生,以及今年在美国境内学习的外籍留学生2200人(湾区31人)。 目前,AFS在Paly有1名学生,通常在Gunn接待1或2名学生。 留学是学生学习文化,语言和成长的好方法。接待学生建立可持续一生的关系。 请访问www.afsusa.org了解更多信息。