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Laurie Guerra has a heart of gold and deep love for children with autism. As you know, she herself has experience with this in her own family and understands the specific needs that are associated with these wonderful children. She has been a faithful and capable volunteer and service to Autism BC for many years. 

It is extremely shocking (and ironic) for this group to be calling for the resignation of Laurie, let alone anyone who does not support the unscientific theory of gender fluidity now being taught in our schools. Will they now begin petitioning for the resignation of every teacher, Principal, EA, social worker, nurse, doctor, pediatrician, banker, dance teacher etc. who does not support little boys being told they can be a girl and vice/versa? Is unquestioning support of transitioning kids the measuring stick by which we now determine a person's ability to help children in our society? 

SOGI 123 has become a lightening rod for social terrorism in our nation. Ironically, the anti-bullying crowd suddenly become vicious attackers, if anyone dares to question the ideology or the treatment of Gender Dysphoria. These abhorrent attempts to turn those with a balanced and educated awareness of the issues on all sides, into social pariahs, and who demonize mercilessly any dissent from the politically correct media narrative, are completely unacceptable in a democratic society. It has become "the free speech fascism!"

There is much data and research that should cause every teacher, educator, Principal, School Trustee, board member of all children's organizations to stop in their tracks and look at the facts. Quite specifically, the facts pertaining to children with autism show that extra precaution must be taken due to the susceptibility to latch onto ideas or suggestions of being the opposite sex. 

Studies show that children with GD will desist from those feelings in 82%-92% of all cases. The criterion for this is that they are not socially or medically interfered with. If they are even socially transitioned the stats show that there is a great reduction in the pathway to desistance. This can lead to life long consequences that perhaps would be completely unnecessary as the symptoms would have completely disappeared on their own had the children not been ushered into politically correct actions such as social and pharmaceutical remedies. There is a 4,400% increase globally in children being referred to gender clinics. Social Contagion is suspected by experts the world over and studies are being undertaken in the UK to determine what is going on. 

Long term outcomes for children who are transitioned are not showing large scale improvement of the difficulties associated with GD. Studies are now showing that there are harmful realities and suicidality rates that are very high even with "gender affirming" surgery. In fact, 10 years after transition there are long term emotional issues that have not been corrected with surgery or life long pharmaceutical therapies. 

We applaud the stand of Laurie Guerra to be courageously cognizant that there must be careful consideration and indeed, extraordinary caution, when exploring the actions and non-harmful treatments that should be applied to children with GD. This is not to be taken lightly by throwing all caution to the wind and adopting a "transition at all costs" philosophy. Especially for children with autism, Laurie is applying necessary resolve to find all the facts and positions taken by experts in this field from a multitude of sources and certainly not just from a politically correct media bias that knows nothing about the seriousness of this diagnosis. 

We ask you to stand behind Laurie Guerra, who is courageous enough to rise against the cultural backlash and care enough about kids to see past the societal rush to transition all kids. There must be consideration given to the facts and cautions that are evident in numerous publications and on-line resources by experts and professionals across the world who do not affirm transition. Please research the attached list of resources to show you why Laurie is absolutely right in her position of thoughtful, careful perspective on Gender Dysphoria and SOGI 123: 



请停止骚扰和欺凌Laurie Guerra女士!

我们的这封请愿信是为了支持一位名叫Laurie Guerra的非常棒的女士。

我们注意到Laurie被一小群人欺负,他们错误地认为,如果你不支持SOGI 123,那么你就无法支持患有自闭症的孩子。您或许认为SOGI 123是关于“反欺凌”的,而事实并非如此。请停止骚扰和欺凌劳瑞!


SOGI 123已经成为在我们国家社会恐怖主义的闪电。具有讽刺意味的是,如果有人敢于质疑意识形态或对性别焦虑的治疗,这些反欺凌的人群会突然变成恶毒的攻击者。对各方面问题想保持平衡和教育意识的人被这些人污蔑为社会贱民,并且如果有人胆敢对任何政治正确的媒体陈述表示不认同,他们将被无情地妖魔化,这在民主社会中是十分可恶和完全不可接受的。这已经成了限制言论自由的法西斯行径!




Laurie拥有金子般的心,深深地爱着自闭症儿童。如你所知,她自己在自己的家庭中有这方面的经验,并了解与这些美好孩子相关的特殊需求。多年来,她一直是自闭症BC的忠实和有能力的志愿者和并致力于为其服务。我们赞赏Laurie Guerra的立场,她勇敢地认识到,在探索适用于性别紊乱症儿童的行动和无害治疗时,必须认真考虑,并且需要非常谨慎。加入要采取“不惜一切代价的变性”理念,并扔掉一切顾虑,这不能不引起重视。特别是对于患有自闭症的儿童,劳瑞决定从众多资源中找到该领域专家的所有事实和立场,而不是仅从对这种诊断的严重性一无所知的政治上正确的媒体来寻找信息,这是非常必要的。

我们请求您支持Laurie Guerra,她很勇敢地站出来关心孩子们,而不是顺延社会的推动去促成所有孩子变性。必须考虑到世界各地的专家和专业人员在许多出版物和在线资源中所给出的明显的事实和警告,这些资料和专家并不肯定变性这种做法。请研究所附的网络连接,这些资源会告诉您为什么劳瑞在性别焦虑症和SOGI 123方面的深思熟虑和谨慎行事的观点是绝对正确的:



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