Reno trip By Mao Mom


On May 29 ,2016,  9:00 A.M.,  Sunday morning, we departed from San Francisco Chinatown.  Going through the Oakland Bay Bridge and into highway 80, we noticed the beautiful views on the road.  After 4 hours, we arrived in Reno. Reno was formally established in 1868, and named from a major general Jesse Lee Reno.   Going through Reno is like going to a small Las Vegas.   The court presides over the wedding ceremonies in Reno.   You can obtain a marriage certificate in just one day.  The City hall has a tall building.   There is a place called (Siena).  It is situated on a square in Reno where the  residents like to have meetings.   Reno is like Las Vegas with many casinos and theater performances.   Recently many singers and dancers from the east are performing there .   Reno has an abundant amount of buffets.   Here are some pictures from Reno.  Do you know where they are?