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   海外网1月4日电 两名格鲁吉亚职业拳击手在巴黎大区塞纳-圣但尼省的罗尼丛林市和伊夫林省的韦利济市接连盗窃两家苹果手机专卖店(Apple Store),当地时间2日被判处6个月缓刑。
Overseas, Jan. 4 (Xinhua) - two Georgian professional boxers were sentenced to six months" probation on Tuesday for stealing two apple stores in Ronnie jungle, senna Saint Denis, and velizi, Evelyn, Paris.

On December 30 last year, two Georgian men, Ambrose and Belka, aged 31 and 32, came to the apple mobile phone store in the velizi shopping center. Belka was in charge of watching the wind. Ambrose secretly included Apple brand accessories such as touchpad, stylus and mouse into his coat pocket, the Parisian reported. The two people"s misdemeanor was found by the store"s security guard, and was intercepted and transferred to the traffic police on the spot.

Police investigators seized another batch of stolen items from an apple store in the city of Ronnie jungle, worth more than 1000 euros. When they were interrogated, they initially lied that they had bought the goods from Germany, but later confessed that they had been stolen. Belka said he didn"t know why his brother stole them. "Maybe he wanted to give them to the girls, maybe he wanted to use them for himself, but I shouldn"t drive him to those stores."

On 2 this month, two defendants were tried at the Versailles court in Evelyn province. Ambrose confessed to his shame in the dock. "This is the first time I"ve done this. I"m a professional athlete. I have to take part in the boxing match in Georgia at the end of the month. I often go to Europe to play. I"m very ashamed of this."

It is reported that Ambrose is a medium heavyweight boxer who has played 27 professional games; Belka has participated in 14 time trials in his 10-year career. Ambrose said he had a career contract but earned only $500 a month. Apart from their careers as boxers, they also run a car business in Georgia. This time, they visited the European market. Before coming to France, they also visited the Netherlands and Belgium.

Defence lawyers for the two defendants said that their clients were committed to boxing, that the two cases were not organized gang crimes, but rather accidents during travel. In view of the fact that the two defendants are not at the bottom of the case, the prosecutor"s office also hopes to deal with them more leniently. The judge finally sentenced the defendant to six months" probation. (overseas - Paris - Lujia)