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Chat History for 库市选举"烧烤"群: Jerry Liu

主持人:Welcome!We should officially get started

主持人:BBQ rule: 1 preheating. We will let the candidate give us an introduction about his campaign and his platform. 2. Standard grilling cycle. The candidate will

address all the preset questions asked by group members here. The questions are listed above. 3. All you can grill part. We will give 10 minutes for audience to ask

any questions related to election. The candidate then needs to answer those questions one by one.

主持人:@Jerry Liu take a look at the rules and let me know if you have any questions. 

Jerry Liu :I am good. Thanks.


主持人:If you are ready, can you give us some introduction about ur campaign? Why

do you want to run for this election? What do you want to do if elected?

Jerry Liu:First of all, thanks for hosting me here tonight.I came to US from Taiwan when I was fourth grade, so my Chinese reading is stuck at fourht grade level. I can read limited Chinese but will need to respond to English, Thanks for you indulgence.

Jerry Liu:In terms of why I wanted to run, I've seen a lot of discussion and dissent in the community around the issue of growth, I have a friend Darcy Paul who is on the city council, and when I've talked to him about this, he encouraged me to take the jump into the politics and run for office.

Jerry Liu: I have two young daughters 10 and 8. we moved to Cupertino because of the schools, and I'm running primarily to maintain Cupertino as a family friendly place to raise kids. 

Jerry Liu: in terms of what I'd like to do if elected, the main motivation is to represent the people's voice. I am also a city commissioner. i currently chair the library commission. I know that there is a lot of unhappiness about the city council

from the residents. I also have a view from inside the city government, and there are things I'd like to change to make it more responsive to the residents. 

Jerry Liu:This is a short intro. Thanks

主持人:Thank you! And fast typing too:)

Jerry Liu:I play a lot of computer games

主持人:We will move into the next phase soon. But before we do that, I have a

personal question for you.

Jerry Liu:of course

主持人:You don't have to answer that if it makes u uncomfortable.

Jerry Liu:thats okay im running for office. anything is fair game :)

主持人:First I want to congratulate you on the Crest 2016 award

Jerry Liu:Thank you

主持人:I watched the video here

Jerry Liu:yes

主持人:And thank you for your contributions to our local communities . That is great!

Jerry Liu:Thank you. to be honest I wasnt expecting it. it came a sa


主持人:I have quite a lot a friends who asked me the question as well. I noticed your

left hand is a little different. So I want to take this opportunity to ask about your


Jerry Liu:Oh yes.

主持人:Sorry if this is too personal and you don't have to answer it

Jerry Liu:Thats okay. Thank you for asking. Sometimes people wonder and then they dont ask and it gets more awkward. I have a birth defect. My left hand has only a deformed thumb and is missing four fingers. I was born like this. My wife and I went to see e geneticist after we got married. It's not genetic.

主持人:Oh. I am sorry to hear that.

Jerry Liu:It turns out that every once in a while, a baby's limb gets caught in the amniotic sac. the hand gets trapped in the sac and then the fingers don't develop. So sometimes you'll see me keep my hand in the pocket. I try not to do it now but it's a habit that I developed when I was young. Used to get teased a lot about it.

主持人:That must be hard for you when u were a kid

Jerry Liu:Anyway thats what thats about. I don't type like most of you do. I actually type by finding the keys but i know the keyboard well from playing computer gaes. yes it was tough. i grew up in taiwan and not only the kids but the adults will point, kinda rude now that i think about it

主持人:Glad you went through all that. And thank you for sharing your personal information with us.

Jerry Liu:It's okay. thank you. thanks for asking so its out in the open

主持人:I really like what you said Sometimes people wonder and then they dont ask and it gets more awkward.

Jerry Liu:theres this awkwardness. i can tell because people cant help

themselves and glance down and i know what they are thinking

Jerry Liu:but i let them bring it up if they want to

主持人:It is really important that an elected official is willing to communicate even in

a very awkward situation.

Jerry Liu:its much easier to deal with this as an adult than a kid. i am happy to share but i dont want to force the conversation on people

Jerry Liu:thank you again for asking in a kind way

主持人:This actually makes me respect you more and I want to thank you again for so much volunteer work you have done and being a role model for kids.

Jerry Liu:Thanks - I do a lot of work at school because my parents werent able to. I grew up in Texas and its community with lors of parent volunteerism. But my parents didnt speak english and had to work anyway so they were never at school.

主持人:Pew have a lot of immigrants here and some of us just don't know there are a lot of opportunities to serve the community.

Jerry Liu:so when my older daughter started school I voluntereed for everything i could so that she could see me there and i can get to learn her life

Jerry Liu:Yes I try to reach out to people. I know lots of people want to volunteer but dont know how to get involved. I'm pretty active in the PTA ad site council of the school, it makes a big difference to the children. Plus my work is very technical and itmakes me feel like i am doing something useful when i work with the kids. Thanks!

主持人:Sure. When you get a chance later, u should host a seminar to let us know where to get started and how to contribute as a volunteer in this community. [Grin]

Jerry Liu:Thats a good idea. I will certainly do that. I actually didnt know where to get started, either.


主持人:1. On your mailer, it's said "not funded by developer or anti-growth groups." Does that mean you think Measure C supporters are in Anti-growth group?

Jerry Liu:No it doesn't. [Smile] Let me explain.

Jerry Liu:The mailer you see is actually my second piece. I had designed a

first piece that I used for walking

Jerry Liu:and when I went around to neighbors, some people would ask me

if I am backed by developers

Jerry Liu:but when I explained that I was No o D, I found there were people

who asked me if I'm with anti-growth groups.

Jerry Liu:So I just put that label on the mailer to just clarify for those people

who wanted to know if I am with anti-growth

Jerry Liu:Measure C as I understand is supported by residents for sensible

growth and I certainly dont consider it anti-growth

Jerry Liu:thats it. thanks.


主持人:Preset question 2. Do you support "rezone to mixed-use" for revitalization of Vallco.

Jerry Liu:Personally, I think having a mixed use designation there provides

more flexibility, so yes. The issue for me is one of balance and scale and getting

that right. But thats my personal opinion, and as an elected official, I would want

to carry out the wishes of the community.

主持人:Thank you! Fair enough!

Jerry Liu:For me, it;s really making sure that we have the right balance if we

have mixed use there

主持人:Preset question 3. If C,D both fail and you get elected, what will you do?

Jerry Liu:My wife says if C and D both fail and I get elected, I'll grow a lot of white hair and become an old man in 4 years... But seriously, I want to share some info first. Sand Hill has told the candidates that if D fails, they will stop and just let the property sit there and maybe appreciate :)

Jerry Liu:when they told me this I joked that many people I canvassed in rancho rinconada would like that :) what I would do in that case, would be adviocate that the council pull together a group of residents, developers, and staff to form a kind of neighborhood advisory group to work together and develope a recommendation on the plan for vallco. Assuming that the developer still wants to develop and doesnt abandon developmenrt plans, I think the problem in the past has been. The city has try to sell a vision to the residents. and this is why we are here in this mess. because this is a vision that a significant part of population doesnt want

Jerry Liu:i have discussed this with darcy, and he likes the idea of having stakeholders build that vision jointly. It takes two council members to put an item on the counci agenda and if i were on the council we can move this forward. Basically i feel we have an educated and engaged community here and we should tap into this resource. I really dont like it when I hear people say "oh residents would change their minds if they only knew the facts". I think thats very arrogant and i'd like to help change that kind of thinking, because it assumes city knows more than residents. Maybe thats treu, i dont know. but i know the residentd care more. Darcy has only one vote in 2015 so he can't advance this on the agenda. But if i were on the council we would be able to move this forward

Jerry Liu:thanks - sorry that took so long

主持人:Thank you for elaborating your thoughts on this question. I personally think it is a great idea to have stakeholders discussing about the future of the mall, if both C and D Fails.

Jerry Liu:Its essential, otherwise we are back exactly where we were

主持人:My little one always ask me what will happen to the mall. He wants a place that he can watch movie and do other fun things. And I believe that is the idea of most residents here in Cupertino.

Jerry Liu:We need to have sufficient retail and entertainment services for the residents. especially the children

主持人:And the senior and women as well:) Sorry for interrupting your second answer.

主持人:If you have more to answer to the second question, pls go on

Jerry Liu:no problem. i was just making comment. please continue.

主持人:Preset question 4. Cupertino High and Lawson Middle are over crowded. My son attended both and he was forced to restrict his class selection due to limited room. My opinion on Vallco and other similar mixed use developments is "they have to address over crowed schools situation by adding new middle and high schools to accommodate new students from the new housing." Mr Liu: Do you agree? Or what's your opinion?

Jerry Liu:Let me share my experience. I have two girls who attend Lincoln. This is a school thats flagged by the district as being "declining enrollement". and its true we have fewer kids than last year, but my daughters tell me that they have to go line up before the bell or else they cant get food for lunch with time to eat because line is so long. I know that the district says enrollment is declining. I say it is possible for schools to have declining enrollment and still be overcrowded!

Jerry Liu:Also the demographer only goes out 5 years in prediction does anyone think there will be fewer people and kids here in 10-20 years then now??? so coming back to the question, I believe that if the developments are large enough to bring in a non-trivial number of students, like a few hundred, then we need schools. with that said, i do recognize that school capacity is determined by the school board, not the city council, and the council has some restrictions from state on ability to approve projects based on school impact. But i will do my best to work with school districts to make sure the capcity gets build. This is why we need to elect people like Liang and Jenny to the school board.

Jerry Liu:finished

主持人:Thank you!

主持人:Preset question 5. I would like to point out that almost all new housing units will add students to existing schools. The percentage should be close to 100%, not the current lower percentage. The reason for moving into this school district is mostly because of schools. Mr Liu: do you agree that when predicting school attendance growth trends, the study should be based on the latest trend, not the historical average? Will you promise to be objective and use common sense to review the study results, if elected?

Jerry Liu:yes thank you! I remember that Kristen Lyn, a CUSD school board member and a friend who has really helped with my campaign, told me that CUSD has a much

higher student-per-household ratio than surrounding districts. I am not a demographer, but it stands to reason that given the reputation of our district, this ratio should be higher. Especially the price differential between cupertino in other areas are so large. So I absolutely agree that we should use numbers from the latest trends rather than longer term historical values that may be outdated. Though just to note, this is likely within the purview of the school board. It absolutely makes sense to use common sense in these results. when people say we can close school site because enrollment is going down, I think to myself, really? 30 years from now there will be fewer people here? so anyway yes we need to adjust to the realities of whats really going on. Thanks and i am finished

 主持人:Preset question 6. Please let us know the reason why you don't support Measure C.

Jerry Liu:Yes, of course. To start out, I understand that growth is the major issue in this election. But I do feel a bit sad that the council race seems to have come down to C and D when there are many other issues in the city to address. For measure C, I see it as a vote of no-confidence in our current process and system. I know theres a lot of talk of 45 ft and 4 story houses and all that. But I feel these are things that can be addressed, so these are not factors for me. Last Friday, this gentleman that I spoke with told me. "Son, you're running for an institution that is held in low regards by many of us" and I agree that the ccurrent council has been ineffective in many areas, main one being listening to the residents. For me, there are two reasons I think about. First is that it's a personal philosophy over whats an efficient form of government.  But I think thats not the main issue here because I'm just one vote. I think what matters is having a council up on the dais that will support a fair and transparent process. And I will do that. Also, I've tried to run a campaign on a theme of being able to work with everyone Because no matter what happens on November 8, all these same people are still going to be here on November 9. i dont think I can be much help being one more person on this side or that side, but I feel I can help in working with people to get things going again. and to do so, it wouldnt be possible for me to be a partisan on either side. 

Jerry Liu:I'm guessing that this is an audience that is pro-C, and it would be easy for me to come here and tell you what you want to hear but I wanted to be clear that even though I am not supporting C, I am a friend to your cause. because I believe that the people of Cupertino should be the ones to determine where our city goes This is a belief that Darcy and I share and a big part of why i am running. 

Jerry Liu:thanks i am finished 

主持人:Thanks, Jerry.  Two more questions.  Mr. Liu, in you campaign site, you take bridging communities as your highest priority if elected. Please elaborate more on how you are going to do that. For instance, the competing measures(C and D) indicates divided communities in Cupertino, what are you going to do specifically to bridge the gaps? What is your view on growth? You support neither of the measures without giving your own view in growth, this gives voters like me an impression that you may have limited personal opinions on the issue. Please correct me if I am wrong.  2. Mr. Liu, I do agree with you that leader's job is to be inclusive to all views. But leader has to have the vision when it comes to make the decision. Please share with the group what is your vision in Cupertino? Let's say, in 5 years, do you think it is the best interest to Cupertino residents to keep Cupertino as it is, a small, quiet and convenient town in Silicon Valley for middle class families, or make Cupertino more vibrant with the cost of quietness and convenience.

Jerry Liu:OK let me take this in one at a time,  first is bridging. It starts with listening to people and respecting what people say As I may have mentioned earlier, I want to invove the residents more in setting the direction for our community moving forward In a more formal way. I envision setting up these neighborhood advisory groups, made up of diffeent stakeholders - residents and businesses and developers. somewhat akin to what has been done eith stevens creek trail or what Minh Le is doing at FHUSD and get people really talking and working together. this would be different than the city workshops where you might give some comments and then someone else summarizes it. but ones like a legislative body where everyone has a vote. I have found that when people sit down and work together and understand different point of view, progress can be amde. i was so surprised when i started campaigning and talking to people, that some council members would not talk to residents. I dont feel that I know more than you all

Jerry Liu:I have no doubt most of you know more about planning than I do and i really respect that where my value comes in is to set up an environment where these discussions can start to take place and give it a formal role in the process that is missing from the past city workshops or worse these 3 minute oral communications

Jerry Liu:and I will do my best to fight this perception that these people are only protesting here because they dont have all the facts. god i really really hate that attitude

Jerry Liu: anyway, onto the secone question

Jerry Liu:hold on let me scroll back to rea it

Jerry Liu:vision for cupertino in 5 years

Jerry Liu:this one is easy :)

Jerry Liu:I just want to keep this place the family friendly place that it is

Jerry Liu:I moved here for the schools

Jerry Liu:40% of the residents report in city survey they are here for the schools

Jerry Liu:A more impressive vision, I suppose, would be something grander

Jerry Liu:but you know, keeping this small town feel in the midst of a growing region is actually a lot harder

Jerry Liu:so if you look at the things i say i want to work on

Jerry Liu:providing better library services, parks, safety, etc

Jerry Liu:its all about keeping this place the reason why i wanted to move here

Jerry Liu:this is a very special place for chinese

Jerry Liu:I have lived in Texas, New York, and other parts of California

Jerry Liu:and this is the first place ive ever felt like home

Jerry Liu:this is partly why I'm so involved in doing this and doing that

Jerry Liu:so my vision for the next 5, or really 10+ years,

Jerry Liu:since my youngest is only 8

Jerry Liu:is to keep Cupertino known for being a family friendly place

Jerry Liu:you know my kids actually think its normal to go to school saturday morning. :)

Jerry Liu:youre not going to find that anywhere else

Jerry Liu:i dont want to see a concrete jungle of office buildings

Jerry Liu:my vision is to keep it the way it is

Jerry Liu:thanks and i am finished



Qin Pan:Did I get you right ? You don't believe there will be 4-story Houses if Measure C passes?

Jerry Liu:I believe that if the residents dont want it, and there are three votes on the council that feel the same way, theres a way to stop it

Jerry Liu:i am not a lawyer so i dont know specifics

Jerry Liu:but i would think there is a waty

Jerry Liu:i dont think measure C will force these 4 story houses to happen.

Jerry Liu:thats just my personal opinion

Jerry Liu:my own feeling

Qin Pan:Thanks !

Jerry Liu:I also want to mention

Jerry Liu:that I've seen people attack Stu and his drafting of the measure

Jerry Liu:Stu is also the attorney for BACE who has been working on lehigh issues

Jerry Liu:and i find him to be a highly admirable attorney for taking on these causes.  he is very good, and I very much dislike people who make insinuations around Stu's abilities based on his website or other things

Jerry Liu:I'm a fan of Stu basically.  Thanks.

yun:I remember that was Gary Jones or David Fung attacking Stu Flashman with all kinds of mean words[Angry]

Jerry Liu:I am finished with my answer

Jerry Liu:I dont think those were fair attacks

Qin Pan:Thank you!


Joan Wang:There are more and more crimes in Cupertino recently. Robberies , burglaries, assaults...

Jerry Liu:Yes, ive been a victim myself

Joan Wang:These are not isolated incidents any more, but more like a trend. Jerry, if you are elected, what are you going to do to stop that trend?

Jerry Liu:I agree that public safety is becoming an issue

Jerry Liu:I had a happy birthday check to my mother stolen out of my mailbox

Jerry Liu:and my two neighbors to the east both have been broken into

Joan Wang:FYI, I ordered pepper spray on Amazon today after one of my friend's friends got robbed this morning.

Jerry Liu:I will advocate for increasing public safety resources for police.  you'll see that in my next mailer which is being prepped

Jerry Liu:i also would emcourage the formstion of neighborhood geoups

Jerry Liu:the block leader program,

Jerry Liu:i ahve visited several neighborhoods with them and they really make a difference

Jerry Liu:when everyone knows the nighbors

Jerry Liu:not to make it a more friendly place

Jerry Liu:so to sum up, i would spend more on public safety as well as neighborhood programs

Jerry Liu:thanks i am finished


alanp:If Measure D got defeated, and you got elected, do you support the plan to issue municipal bond to acquire Vallco, and convert it to become a park ?

Jerry Liu:SHP bought the property for 300 million

Jerry Liu:our budget is about 80 million a year

Jerry Liu:and our capital reserves currently is aorund 20 million

Jerry Liu:what i would do would be to invite community input to see how people feel

Jerry Liu:we need a park on the east side, but itown center would be aother alternative


Joan Wang:Mr. Liu, thanks for your time. I spent sometime on your campaign site today. It is pretty interesting to see that you got endorsements from 3 current city council members, each of them has different view on growth. Have you talked to Mr. Chang or Mr. Wong before you declare running? Did they understand your position on growth? Looks like your view is very different than Mr. Chang or Mr. Wong. And can you share the reason of the endorsements from both of them.

Jerry Liu:Oh yes they know my position on growth very well :)

Jerry Liu:I can tell you what I think,

Jerry Liu:but I dont promise to read their minds

Jerry Liu:And you can call me Jerry :)

Jerry Liu:Anyway, you may know that Gilbert is the council rep to the JPA which runs the library system

Jerry Liu:I got to know Gilbert from working together on library issues

Joan Wang:Sure thing, Jerry.[Smile]

Jerry Liu:I did a lot on the library parcel tax 2 years back

Jerry Liu:Barry I work with on BACE

Jerry Liu:on the Lehigh issue

Jerry Liu:and then recently Barry has been interested in library issues too so I have been able to work with him on that

Jerry Liu:on several projects

Jerry Liu:I think they are endorsing me because I am the type of person who does work

Jerry Liu:Barry tells me that he feels I will do the right thing

Jerry Liu:We are not on the same page on many issues :)

Jerry Liu:Gilbert is similar too.  but you really should ask them

Jerry Liu:they were very supportive when I brought up topic with them

Jerry Liu:Does this answer your question?

Joan Wang:Yes, it does. Thanks, Jerry!

Jerry Liu:Thanks Joan!

Jerry Liu:i don think they are endorsing me because we share similar views on growth :)

Joan Wang:Understood!