Fight For What We Believe In, No Matter What The Outcome Would Be

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Fellow Conservatives, we fight for what we believe in. We uphold U. S. Constitution and American Values. We are proud Americans! We are proud of being part of this greatest country on earth and since mankind's dawn! We are vehemently against liberalism, totalitarianism, authoritarianism, or any other forms of governments that take away freedoms, rights, and power from people.

1. We are yellow Americans who love America and hold conservative political views. We would fight for America by all means against its enemies, domestic or foreign.

We refuse to be named after our origins or birth countries. It's illegal to discriminate against a person based on one's race, color, origin, or birth place.

We are proud of our skin color, just as white people, black people, or brown people. Yellow is the color of the Sun, the center of our solar system; the color of the Earth's soil, nourishing all life on earth; and the color of gold, one of the most precious metals on earth!

My mother-in-law's parents immigrated from Germany. They call themselves as Americans, not as German Americans. Therefore, we are all Americans too. They are white people. And there are black people and brown people who are Americans as well.  We are yellow people. We all are Americans, united under the U. S Constitution and the Star Spangled Banner.

2. We fight for what we believe no matter what the outcome would be. This is the American spirit!

We support Donald Trump! Don't worry about what is going to happen. This great country never runs out of patriots who would keep on fighting for what we believe in!

3. I have been feeling funny discussing American politics in a foreign territory and with foreign people who may be enemies of the United States. 

Let's get out to the real world, to American territories, to be American.

I truly believe there are innocent Muslim people. But when they all go to same places, we can't tell them apart, can we?

Let's meet on Facebook and Twitter, etc. You may contact me @wxia1022 on Twitter.

Also, I strongly suggest conservatives visit this website, which is an American conservative forum that has been around before some of you were born.

Have fun no matter what and fight for ourselves, for our family, and for our children's future!